We recap the past week in the NBA, preview the next and take a closer look at what’s happening on the courts around the league. As always without spoilers.

  • Playoff Basketball is about Weaknesses

    The second round of the “Bubble Playoffs” provided fun chess matches in every series as we saw decisive adjustments, upsets, comebacks and one matchup that exceeded already high expectations to become one of the great series in recent memory. And as the conference finals are taking shape, one question is inescapable: What does the future hold for the league’s MVP?

  • The Bubble Sees History On and Off the Court

    Reality burst in as unprecedented protests from the players resulted in a 3-day break, as they searched for guarantees of political action. In the limited basketball we saw, two high-altitude franchises decided that there aren’t any offensive records they aren’t willing to break. Let’s recall what went down last week and give a special look towards the series that finished during it.

  • The Familiar Sight of the Playoffs

    The 2019-20 season is most definitely unique in the long history of the association. But after what was presented as “Seeding Games” and what we can only hope is a very successful trial for play-in games, we return to a confutable and familiar stage: a full 16 teams and 7-game series NBA Playoffs. So as we are finally on the path to coronate a champion, how was the final week of build up? What series promise the most action in a round with the biggest mismatches? And lastly, as the Lakers struggled through the bubble, we take a deep dive to see if there is anything that should change how we see their chances to claim the throne.

  • Are You Not Entertained?

    Whatever expectations NBA fans had towards the seeding games, they have been greatly exceeded. There are more intense games, shinning performances, breakouts and disappointments than any of us can properly manage - and what’s not to love about that? The Playoffs will start net Monday, the West standings have become a rollercoaster and enough happened over the past 7 days to fill 3 of posts of Wikihoops Weekly. So, with a heavy heart as I think of the many topics I could not address (looking at you Lakers offense), let’s breakdown as much as we can get to and see what the status quo is as we move on to the final week of seeding games.

  • Basketball Returns With A Bang

    It took long negotiations and a logistical nightmare but the NBA has officially returned with games that actually matter. And just as we’d expect it does it with another classic clash between the LA teams, followed by an intense weekend with more games than what you can handle. Was it any good? What intensity are we seeing as teams ramp up? We go through some of the week’s highlights and then we’re gonna zone in a thriller between two teams still deep in the fight to play summer basketball.

  • A Week of Contenders

    As we collectively rush towards the post-season, the NBA saw a chance to see the teams on everyone’s top tier of contenders play each other in the two standout games of the week. Lebron James is now officially preparing his charge at the one crown that matters with clashes against the Greek MVP and last year’s Finals MVP. What did we learn about this coming April, if anything at all? How many more key clashes do we have to study? And let’s look at the defense of the best team in the league, somehow still obscured by the giant shadow casted by L.A.